When talking about metabolism it is common to focus on what is going on with the thyroid. But, correcting an under functioning thyroid is one of the hardest things to accomplish. This is one reason why pharmateuticals are not applied to heal the thyroid. The pharmaceutical approach is to give your body what the thyroid is not producing.

Even in the alternative health world treating an under functioning thyroid with only supplementation has a low probability of success.

Some recent hypothyroid research suggests that hypothyroidism is a form of autoimmune disease. This new theory suggests that treating the body in a broader approach may give better results than just focusing on thyroid function.

In review of the video (on the previous page) I discuss a plan that focuses on multiple systems; digestion, filtering and drainage, hormone, and secondarily the immune system.

This program does not just focus on the thyroid, but these other systems that have an impact on your metabolism. Because each individual has drifted into a different state of abnormal function it is important to customize the program to each individuals needs. Utilizing information, such as blood work up, hair analysis, saliva analysis, extensive written metabolic and symptom surveys we can develop a program that meets your specific needs and goals.

Regular cleansing and purification is a part of this program that is simple in strategy and delivers consistant results, but for long term change it is important to follow the cleansing phases with focused support.

It is preferred that before starting any program we do a free 20 minute consultation to determine your current state of health, your goals and what baseline information may be needed to establish the best strategy for you.

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