Welcome to the home of the 1000lb challenge proactive living trial. This is a metabolic rebuilding program dedicated to transforming your health into something better.

This program will help you lose weight, look better, feel better, improve your energy, and most importantly improve critical health markers in a relatively short period of time.

"My goal is to help 100 people a year lose a minimum of 10 pounds and keep it off, naturally lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and feel ten years younger", Dr Mark

This is a clinical program over seen by a practicing health care professional and will teach you the correct way to manage your health so that you are taking a proactive approach to being healthy, feeling good, feeling strong, being illness resistant, living life with vitality and aging gracefully.

The core of this program is:
  1. Diet and blood sugar management
  2. Regular cleansing of the liver/gall bladder
  3. Supplementation designed to balance your specific biochemistry
  4. Specific Exercise to enhance your aerobic function
All custom designed to shift your metabolism from fat producing to fat burning. Read more

Happy Customer
"I have had great results with this program. I am six months into my personal program, I just finished my second cleanse and I am down 32 lbs. (229 to 197). I have gone from wearing a 40 inch waist to a 36 inch. Most importantly I have been liberated from coffee. My energy is abundant and consistent, I no longer have chronic aches and pains and my skin and hair look and feel better." Jim B.

Happy Customer
"I do a cleanse every six months to stay at my optimal weight. My hair and skin have never looked and felt better. " Lisa M.